About us

ÖZBAKINÇLAR started to walk towards its goal in 1986 by drawing road maps in Ercis district of Van. To spread its activities in the wider circle in 1994 moved its center to Istanbul. We provided hardware services in the luxurious hardware field in Tahtakale Pacaci street for a while. By strengthening the company structure in 1998,we expanded our service area and entered the cosmetics and recycling market. With our quality personnel structure, we provided satisfaction and comfortable shopping opportunity to our customers besides distribution-marketing, and opened a new era in merchandising in the cosmetics category, bringing vitality to the sector. ÖZBAKINÇLAR entered the manufacturing sector in 2002 with HARBY brand, which was formed to produce our own products. ÖZBAKINÇLAR will continue to provide its customers the quality products while reaching its goals and providing its noticable products to its customers.

From the day we stepped into the sector we have taken upon ourselves to provide contemporary, trusted, ecofriendly service while respecting the customer rights and higher quality of service. Training our employees in the most contemporary, modern, technologically advanced ways we have become a radical and experienced cosmetic company.

Being one of the best in our country in the field of cosmetics, wealth and service and having a share in the development of industry in the light of modernity and quality principles, it is always an organization that has given itself the duty to provide the best service to our customers.

Showroom Sales Location
  • Tahtakale Cad. Paçacı Sk. Özcan Han. No:1/2 Eminönü - İstanbul
  • (0212) 511 03 13
  • (0212) 519 07 15
Bayrampasa Fagtory
  • Muratpaşa Mah. Eski Edirne Asfaltı Kilimci (BLTŞ) San. Sit. No:1/393-438 Bayrampaşa - İstanbul
Catalca Free Zone Fagtory
  • İstanbul Trakya Serbest Bölge Ferhatpaşa s.b Mahallesi Ali Rıza Efendi Caddesi Dış Kapı No:22 / İç kapı No: z-01

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